Ace Right Corp. Since established in 1991, we has continuously researched and developed a series of outdoor products with local characteristics in Taiwan. This year, the Kooke rotary portable stove won the German IF Design Award, the Taiwan Outdoor Group(TOG) Product Gold Award and the Product Selection Award. Deeply cultivating the Taiwan market for 30 years, as one of the few self-developed local outdoor leisure brands, the Camping Ace brand is committed to a full range of outdoor hiking and camping products. Kooke brand focuses on the research and development of gas stoves and barbecue supplies. Morixon Magic Forest focuses on high-end outdoor furniture products, with independent design and development, product innovation, and the pursuit of excellence for another 30 years.


   We attach great importance to practicality, convenience, and innovation, and continue to develop and innovate better products. In many years of production and sales experience, we always adhere to safety, humanized design, high quality, and provide users with the best product experience and service. In the outdoor leisure time, enjoy the beauty of life, release your restrained soul in city life, and create the joy of life with you!

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