Kooke is a new brand of Ace Right Corp

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Kooke is a new brand of Ace Right Corp, mainly to promote original design gas stoves  and gas lanterns and BBQ grill..etc..


Camping Ace

Camping Ace

Camping Ace

Camping Ace

Camping Ace

In 2018, the design of KOOKE rotary portable stove was proposed, and in 2019, it obtained new patents in Taiwan and China. Participated in the 2019 Taiwan Outdoor Group (TOG) annual product competition, and won the TOG product competition annual gold award. At the same time, the won the German IF product design award in 2020.

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2020-5 Launched K2 &K3 Maple style dome type gas canister. The new cultural and creative style leads the market to push camping supplies to the realm of aesthetics.


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